By Province

Ha Tinh 2015

6.44 Participation at Local Levels
7.24 Transparency
7.51 Vertical Accountability
6.67 Control of Corruption
7.3 Public Administrative Procedures
7.17 Public Service Delivery

PAPI measures the standards of governance and public administration drawn from citizens’ experiences when interacting with governmental authorities. As a tool to monitor performance PAPI contributes to accelerate continued progress in governance and public administration performance. In an environment reliant on “self-assessments” by government stakeholders to measure government performance, PAPI helps provide a bottom-up perspective, by studying people–centred experiences.

This provincial profile presents an initial overview of the main results and key findings at both the dimension and subdimension level. It also explains graphically the actual scores for the respective province and places it in comparative perspective with the best perfoming provinces and with itself over time. This will be useful for provinces hoping to identify good practices and to excel in performance.

TIP: Lighter bar on top of each dimension represents highest scoring province in 2015

Since 2009 PAPI has collected responses from nearly 89,000 citizens across all 63 provinces making it the largest governance and public administration performance survey in the country. In 2016, PAPI was replicated with a total sample of 14,063 citizens directly interviewed.

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(out of 63)
(out of 10)
1 Participation at Local Levels 6.44
Civic Knowledge 1.48
Opportunities for Participation 1.84
Quality of Elections 1.77
Contributions 1.35
1 Transparency 7.24
Poverty Lists 2.89
Communal Budgets 2.26
Land-Use Plan/Pricing 2.09
1 Vertical Accountability 7.51
Interactions With Local Authorities 2.11
People's Inspection Boards 2.66
Community Investment Boards 2.74
6 Control of Corruption 6.67
Limits on Public Sector Corruption 1.8
Limits on Corruption in Service Delivery 2.04
Equity in Employment 1.02
Willingness to Fight Corruption 1.81
4 Public Administrative Procedures 7.3
Certification Procedures 1.76
Construction Permit 1.88
Land Procedures 1.7
Personal Procedures 1.96
17 Public Service Delivery 7.17
Health 2.04
Education 1.73
Infrastructure 1.69
Law and Order 1.71

Best Performer High Average Low Average Poor Performer