PAPI reports and data

PAPI reports and data

PAPI 2017

PAPI 2017

2017 PAPI Report 

2017 PAPI Launch Presentation 

PAPI Data from 2011-2017

PAPI results at the indicator level in 2017 and from 2011-2017

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Media Briefs from 2017 PAPI Report


2018 Research and Papers Using PAPI Data 



PAPI 2013

Báo cáo và dữ liệu PAPI 2013

Background Papers

  • September 2014: PAPI’s Sampling Methodology: An empirical exploration to alternative approaches. A memo on PAPI Sampling Method by Edmund J. Malesky (Associate Professor, Political Economy, Duke University, USA) and Jairo Acuña Alfaro (Policy Advisor, Public Administration Reform, UNDP Viet Nam). Download
  • August 2014: A Tale of Five Cities: How centrally governed municipalities fair in citizens’ assessment of governance performance. By Do Thanh Huyen (2014). Ha Noi: Vietnam Law and Legal Forum, Vol. 20, Nos 239-240, July & August 2014. Download

PAPI 2012

Báo cáo và dữ liệu PAPI 2012

Background Papers and Working Papers Using PAPI

  • October 2013: Case study: Vietnam – Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI). PAPI highlighted as a “good practice” in “Workshop report: National Workshop on “Good Local Governanceand People Centered Services – What Can WeLearn from Best Practices in the Region?”, 17-18 August 2013, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar (UNDP Myanmar and the Union Government of Myanmar, Ministryof Home Affairs and UNCDF)  • Download
  • October 2013: Justice Index – Assessment of Distributive Justice and Equality from a Citizen-based Survey in 2012“. Hanoi: UNDP, VLA & CECODES (2013) • Download • [The Justice Index 2012 is found significantly statistically corrilated with PAPI 2012]
  • July 2013: ‘Improving the Quality of Public Administration in Vietnam: A Case Study’, in Leveraging Change for Better Lives: UNDP in Asia and the Pacific (UNDP, 2013). Bangkok: UNDP Asia – Pacific, page 40 • Download
  • May 2013: Governance and Public Administration Performance in Vietnam: A view from citizens • By Jairo Acuna-Alfaro, Dang Ngoc Dinh, Dang Hoang Giang, Edmund J. Malesky and Do Thanh Huyen • In Focus, Vietnam Law and Legal Forum, May 2013 Vol., pp. 5-10 • Download

PAPI 2011

Báo cáo và dữ liệu PAPI 2011

Background Documents

  • 2013 – Anti-corruption during 2013:More of the same challenges – By Jairo Acuna-Alfaro, In Focus on Vietnam Law and Legal Forum, January & February Volume, pp. 12-16 (PAPI data used for analysis) – Download, also available at VietNamNet English Edition on 26/02/2013.
  • 2012 – Corruption from the Perspective of Citizens, Firms and Public Officials – The Viet Nam Government Inspectorate and the World Bank Joint Publication with Technical Inputs from the Department for International Development (DFID) and the United Nations Development Programme in Viet Nam – Download (For more information about the Publication, please click here).
  • 2012 – Revising the 2003 Law on Land in Vietnam: Creating Equitable Treatment for Land Use Right Holders – Donors’ Joint Policy Brief using PAPI data as inputs for analysis – Download (For more information about the Policy Brief, please click here).
  • 2012 – MeasuringGovernance and Corruption – PAPI highlighted as international experience at Fifth meeting of the Anti-Corruption Community of Practice in the Arab Region: “Programming for Social Accountability” – Amman, Jordan. June, pp. 28-29, 2012 – Download
  • 2012 – Improved governance of public investment is required to ensure sustainability and promote resilience – PAPI data used for UN Issues Paper prepared for the Mid-Year Consultative Group Meeting – Quang Tri province – June. Pages 30-32 – Download
  • 2012 – Vietnam’s experience with PAPI shared at International Workshop “Lessons Learned from Assessing Governance: Towards Inclusive Democracies and Development in Asia” in Jakarta, Indonesia – Download
  • 2012 – Confronting Corruption the Health Sector in Vietnam: Patterns and Prospects – Taryn Vian, Nguyen Thi Khieu Vien and others (2012) – Public Administration and Development, Vol. 32 Issue 1, 2012, pp. 49-63. Published online in Wiley Online Library. – A paper by international academics and Vietnamese experts using PAPI data – Download
  • 2012 – Identifying the Public Administration Reform Performance through the Lens of Provincial Competitiveness Index and GDP Per Capita in Vietnam – Thai Thanh Ha and Le Thi Van Hanh (2012) – Modern Economy, Vol. 3 No. 1, 2012, pp. 11-15. Scientific Research Publishing – A paper by two researchers of the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) of Viet Nam using PAPI data – Download
  • 2012 – Governance and Human Development • UNDP’s Viet Nam Human Development Report 2011: Social Services for Human Development uses PAPI data to analyze the relationship between governance and human development at the provincial level in Viet Nam – See in particular chapter 6, pages 121-126.

Independent Research Using PAPI 2011 Data

  • 2012 – The Economic Impact of Recentralization: A Quasi-Experiment on Abolishing Elected Councils in Vietnam• Edmund J. Malesky, Cuong Viet Nguyen and Anh Tran – Mimeo. October 23, 2012 – Download

PAPI 2010

Báo cáo và dữ liệu PAPI 2010

PAPI 2010:

2010 Background Documents

  • 2011 – Using a public survey-based instrument to measure justice system performance: A case study from Vietnam • Booth, Nicholas (2011) – In “Access to Justice Assessment in the Asia Pacific: A Review of Experiences and Tools from the Region”. A UNDP publication. Asia Pacific Regional Center – December 2011 – Download case study with reference to PAPI on pages 119-128.
  • 2011 – Developing a Demand Side Governance and Public Administration Performance Index: The Viet Nam Experience • Acuña-Alfaro, Jairo (2011) – In “Making the State Responsive: Experience with Democratic Governance Assessments” A UNDP publication. Oslo Governance Centre – New York, October 2011 – Download
  • 2011 – A Gender Disagreggated Analysis of PAPI 2010 Data • Tran Thi Van Anh (2011) – Research paper commissioned by the Centre for Community Support and Development Studies, and supported by UNDP Viet Nam, UN Women and UNDP Oslo Governance Centre – Hanoi, June 2011 – Download
  • 2011 – Citizens’ Experiences: An objective measure of Public Administration Performance? – Acuña-Alfaro (2011) – Democratic Governance Insights, Issue 13, August 2011 – Download
  • 2010 – Measuring Governance and Public Administration for Human Development: A Demand-Side Approach – Acuña-Alfaro, Jairo, Giang Dang and Do Thanh Huyen (2010). Background Paper for 2010 National Human Development Report – UNDP – Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS). September. Ha Noi. – Download
  • 2010 – Towards a Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) at the Provincial Level in Viet Nam – CECODES, VFF and UNDP (2009). Report on the Pilot Project. January. Ha Noi. – Download
  • 2009 – Reforming Public Administration in Viet Nam: Current Situation and Recommendations – Acuña-Alfaro, Jairo (editor) (2009). UNDP, VFF and CECODES: National Political Publishing House. Ha Noi – Download

2010 Policy Briefs

Summary documents with key findings, performance levels and policy implications for each dimension. Analysis is extended to include associations with provincial human development levels.